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What Is ‘Your Other Dream Job’ All About, Anyway?

“Your Other Dream Job” is an ten-week online training program designed especially for actors. In it, you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies to build a profitable + fulfilling side business that generates fantastic cash flow, provides a creative outlet, + increases your independence + confidence without distracting from any acting pursuits.

I know acting is your first love. There’s no competing there. Instead, “Your Other Dream Job” is designed to provide the financial freedom you crave so you can start saying no to living paycheck-to-paycheck + start building an acting career on your own terms.

Simple, Proven Steps to Grow Your Side Business Easily.
My goal is to walk you through the six crucial keys to any successful business without overwhelming you + without dumbing anything down. This training is in-depth, for sure. But it’s delivered in a succinct, easy to implement way so you don’t get swamped + your acting career doesn’t suffer.

That’s why you’ll get more than 30 training videos – delivered one module at a time – plus companion worksheets, resource lists, + done-for-you templates to upgrade your business as quickly as you like. Best of all, you’ll get lifetime access to “Your Other Dream Job” which means you can implement at the pace that fits your unique lifestyle + goals.

So, whether you already have a side-business + want to take it to the next level or you just have an idea for the side business you really want to build, “Your Other Dream Job” will give you everything you need to turn your side business into a thriving, creative enterprise.

“Before ODJ, I had a an idea of what I was up to with my business, but I wasn’t really sure where to go next or how to establish myself as a leader in my field. I was shocked and inspired by how open Dallas is with her own business – she’ll take you though an in-depth look at the inner workings of her own successful business so you can model it. Now, I’m getting ready to hire another writer for my team because I have so many clients wanting to hire me. If you’re serious about investing in your side biz, you’ll do yourself a huge favor by participating in ODJ.”
Allison Volk, The Blog Babe
“My business has more than doubled since enrolling in ODJ. I recommend it to any actor who wants to better define, plan, and market their business. I learned how to define my brand, determine the size and scope of my company, set, prioritize, and achieve goals and maximize word of mouth referrals.”
Brandon Hearnsberger, Kick Ass Reels
“What I didn’t expect is that this training would cross over into other areas of my life and allow me to think and dream bigger while actually getting results. I think this ODJ class is a must for all actors. I use the tools I learned in ODJ in my filmmaking career and also as an actor. It really got my creative juicing flowing and opened doors for me in ways I could of never imagined. Actors believe me when I say that you CAN have another dream job, you just need Dallas to help get you there like she helped me. Thank you Dallas for being a powerful inspiration and fearless, smart and badass leader.”
Angela Matemotja, Your Short Film Project

“Your Other Dream Job” Consists of Six In-Depth Training Modules.
Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn…

Part 1
Clarify Your Vision + Build a Business that Really Works for You
  • Identify the best business model to match your goals + lifestyle.
  • Crystalize which type of entrepreneur you really are: servicepreneur, infopreneur, subscriptionpreneur, or productpreneur.
  • Learn how to easily + honestly separate yourself from the competition.
  • Determine how big you want your business to become so you can create a firm foundation for success.
  • Align your financial, artistic, + personal priorities so you know how to best invest your time.
  • Finally figure out how to juggle work, life, + art.
  • Part 2
    Narrow the Field to Eliminate Competition + Attract the Right Clients
  • Separate yourself from the competition + never worry about being a copycat.
  • Learn the easiest way to describe what you do by clarifying the brand experience you provide.
  • Redefine your business brand so it aligns with your business vision.
  • Create a Dream Client Profile to make marketing a no-brainer for you as well as for your customers.
  • Stop spinning your wheels or grasping at straws when you build your offerings out in layers.
  • Create dynamic + effective sales copy that speaks to the dreams + desires of your ideal clients.
  • Discover the easiest way to attract your dream clients + customers so you can sell your product or service with confidence.
  • Learn how to design offerings that really resonate with your customers + work with your schedule.
  • Part 3
    Build Your List Without Breaking the Bank
  • Learn my business-building secret weapon. This is the thing that grew my mailing list from 700 to 16,000 people in less than 4 years.
  • Uncover why you might be losing hundreds of potential clients + thousands of dollars each day.
  • Learn how to overcome the biggest business mistake I see most actor-preneurs make.
  • Discover the top 6 free ways to build a list of loyal, excited clients + customers.
  • Learn the 5 keys to leveraging Facebook to expand your client base without spending tons of dough.
  • Leverage Twitter to attract the right clients + customers for free.
  • Learn why LinkedIn could be the list building bullseye for your business.
  • Get the step-by-step formula to igniting immediate engagement with new prospects + increasing your bottom line.
  • Part 4
  • Get my step-by-step, soup-to-nuts process for capturing leads, igniting conversations, + converting sales.
  • Learn the secret to building immediate trust + leveraging that into dollars.
  • Discover the importance of actually giving your best stuff away for free (this one absolutely changed the game in my business).
  • Create an easy-to-execute content creation plan so you can maintain top-of-mind awareness with your audience.
  • Build a powerful reputation through consistent action + generosity.
  • Peak inside my social media schedule + editorial calendar so you can model what works + make more money.
  • Learn how to gracefully roll with the punches when things don’t unfold according to plan.
  • Get my personal list of favorite online resources to capture informative + inspirational content then repurpose it in your marketing.
  • Part 5
    Sell Some Stuff So Your Business Becomes a Money Making Machine
  • Learn the complete, done-for-you formula to successfully launching any product or program. This is the same process I’ve followed to generate over 2.4 million dollars in four years.
  • Avoid the deadliest sales mistake most business owners make. Believe me, this one will surprise you.
  • Design a product launch plan that works for your budget, your schedule, + your goals.
  • Learn exactly how to host a sales event that generates tons of buzz + even more cash.
  • Discover the importance of ‘after-marketing’. This is a crucial step most business owners leave out!
  • Increase your sales + your reputation through Ambassador Marketing.
  • Learn my fool-proof strategy for an immediate cash infusion in your business.
  • Practice the 5 Pillars of Killer Sales Copy so your message is clear + your sales soar.
    I’m pulling back the curtain on exactly how I launched “Your Other Dream Job”! You’ll get my personal launch calendar, to-do list, video scripts, email marketing plan, email templates, social media shout-outs, + even my launch call script.

    That way, you can see behind the scenes + model my launch to build a rockin’ launch of your very own. This bonus alone is worth more than $10,000 in training plus trial + error.

    Part 6
    Exceed Expectations + Turn Your Happy Clients Into Brand Ambassadors
  • Embrace the power of the upsell + learn how to design a simple sales funnel that serves your clients + builds your income.
  • Learn the power of surprise + how to ensure every client is happy + satisfied.
  • Learn how to set boundaries + manage expectations so you don’t work yourself to death.
  • Make referrals a piece of cake with my proven, simple referral program.
  • Learn how I built a strong, successful business without ever investing in advertising.
  • Get my list of 5 favorite ways to honor your customers, add a ton of value, + ensure repeat business.
  • Learn how to collect incredible testimonials + leverage them to attract even more clients.
  • sec5-part07

    “Before ODJ, I was literally running around New York City distributing rack cards. Thanks to Dallas’ expert training, I am now a working actor with a thriving business! We’ve taught dozens of seminars around the US, coached a variety of creatives one-on-one and have hundreds of qualified leads from around the world. ODJ not only aligned my talents, values and goals, it has helped me create many success stories for other people!”
    Tony Howell, Creative Social Media
    “Nothing is better than doing what you love and getting paid for it. Other Dream Job allows you to be just as passionate about your j.o.b. as your acting career. If you’re an actor who’s looking to start a business or grow a current one, this program is for you. I made my investment back and more in my very first launch and took my coaching business to the next level. Thank you, Dallas and team, for an amazing experience!”
    Courtney Rioux, Courtney Rioux Coaching

    The Entire “Other Dream Job” Program includes 30 in-depth + easy training videos that you can access for a lifetime.
    Plus, I’ll host seven Q&A Coaching Calls to personally guide you along the way.

    Check out our Q&A Call Times Below:
    WEEK 1 Call 1: Clarify Your Vision July 9 3pm PST / 6pm EST
    WEEK 2 CALL 2: narrow the field July 16 10am PST / 1pm EST
    WEEK 4 CALL 3: build your list July 30 3pm PST / 6pm EST
    WEEK 5 call 4: engage your audience August 6 10am PST / 1pm EST
    WEEK 7 call 5: sell some stuff August 20 3pm PST / 6pm EST
    WEEK 8 call 6: exceed expectations August 27 10am PST / 1pm EST
    WEEK 11 Call 7: Bonus Call 1 September 17 10am PST / 1pm EST
    WEEK 12 Call 8: Bonus Call 2 September 24 3pm PST / 6pm EST

    Grab Your Spot in “Your Other Dream Job” Now
    + Receive Nine Special Bonuses:

    BONUS 1. The Killer Cocktail Line
    (expires 6/30/15 at 1pm PST)
    How do you answer the question, “What do you do” when you do more than one thing?
    Well… you’ll learn exactly that in this exclusive, fast-action bonus. I’ve created a simple formula to
    help you share who you really are without distracting from your acting + without confusing anyone.
    This bonus expires at the end of the FREE Other Dream Job Call on 6/30/15.
    So, get it while the gettins’ good.

    I’ve successfully launched 19 different programs that have easily generated over 2.4 million bucks in the last four years. So, you’ll learn from my mistakes + successes to launch your own programs + products with ease + energy. This resource contains everything you need to know to generate buzz around your business + attract excited customers to your launch.

    BONUS 3. Exclusive Access to the
    “Other Dream Job” Facebook Group

    Network with like-minded, business-savvy actors like you. In our private Facebook group, you’ll be able to share resources, learn cutting edge strategies, get extraordinary support, + maybe even barter your services. Plus, I’ll pop in every Tuesday during the program to answer questions + provide insight.


    Happy customers are the cornerstone to your business success + I’m lucky enough to have one of the world’s greatest customer service gurus on my team. Her name is Priscilla + if you’ve ever called or emailed with a question, you know what I mean. She’s the bomb. Well, I’ve pinned her down to share her mindset + organizational strategies that make her a whiz so you can become a customer-service master too!

    BONUS 5. Backstage Pass to “The Other Dream Job” Launch

    I’m pulling back the curtain on exactly how I launched “Your Other Dream Job”! You’ll get my personal launch calendar, to-do list, video scripts, email marketing plan, email templates, social media shout-outs, + even my launch call script. That way, you can see behind the scenes + model my launch to build a rockin’ launch of your very own. This bonus alone is worth more than $10,000 in training + experimenting.

    BONUS 6. My Personal Business Building Resource Rolodex

    I’ve been in business for more than 12 years and I’ve tested tons of different vendors + services. Now, you can save yourself 12 years of trial + error thanks to my complete resource rolodex. I’ll share my favorite web designers, videographers, conference call systems, apps, resources, + money-saving tools. Don’t worry, nothing stingy happening here. This is your one-stop shop.


    I designed “Your Other Dream Job” to be easy without dumbing things down at all for you. That’s why each training video comes with a step-by-step action guide or worksheet to help you apply what you learn + actually implement it in your business.

    BONUS 8. Lifetime Access
    to the Complete “Other Dream Job” Training

    I understand that growing a business takes time. So, you don’t have to worry about rushing through any of the training because you’ll have lifetime access to it. That means that as I learn new strategies + add them to “Your Other Dream Job”, you’ll learn right along with me for as long as you wish + as often as you like.

    BONUS 9. What to Do When Your Other Dream Job

    I invited Laura Simms from Create As Folk to tackle the questions, concerns, + fears that might arise when + if you ever decide that your business is really where you heart lies. That doesn’t mean you have to quit acting, but it does mean you’ll have to ask yourself some tough questions. Laura’s gone through this herself + she’s going to help you examine this transition too.

    Rave Reviews + Rockin’ Results
    “I had already started my side business when I joined Your Other Dream Job, but it was going nowhere fast. I was trying to do all the wrong things at once. Your Other Dream job gave me the focus that I needed to run my business. It took away my overwhelm, which is priceless. My mailing list is now steadily growing and I’m booking clients rather than just receiving enquiries.”
    Rebekah Daven Watson, The Actor’s Cafe
    “The most impactful class I have EVER taken. I had a small business for over ten years, but before ODJ, we ran on instinct. After a few months with Dallas, we were able to focus in and double our income – cutting our work hours down to half of the time. Now we are able to give our clients better service and have more time to concentrate on our family and lifestyle.”
    Rosalyn Williams, The Ultimate Acting Experience
    “Before ODJ I only had an idea for a business, but the process of starting was completely overwhelming. As an actor I had no idea how to be an entrepreneur! ODJ broke down the steps to getting started making them clear, understandable and informative. Because of the process I was able to confidently open my business at the end of the course. I’m grateful for the tools Dallas gave me, I continue to utilize what I learned and this year Mentoring for Actors celebrated its 1 year anniversary. If you have been thinking about starting a business the investment of ODJ is worth it.”
    Sarah Siadat, Mentoring for Actors
    “Before I became a part of the Other Dream Job community, all my thoughts were overwhelming and fearful. Now, my coffee brand is open and making sales. What I learned and applied from Dallas continues to be remarkable. I learned how to build a list, how to create a message for my brand, how to make sure my brand aligns with my ideal customer needs, and the list goes on and on. I love it!”
    Shayla McNair, Shay•Latte Coffee
    “Before ODJ, I was literally running around New York City distributing rack cards. Thanks to Dallas’ expert training, I am now a working actor with a thriving business! We’ve taught dozens of seminars around the US, coached a variety of creatives one-on-one and have hundreds of qualified leads from around the world. ODJ not only aligned my talents, values and goals, it has helped me create many success stories for other people!”
    Tony Howell, Creative Social Media
    “Dallas helped me incorporate my side business into my busy life as an actor. I launched The Workshop Guru one short year ago, and now we have over 300 members on both coasts, + we are growing weekly. I have solid marketing + customer service plans, plus I have confidence that I can run a thriving business on my own terms. Dallas helped me clarify what service I wanted to offer + brainstorm strategies to find new members, + add value to retain the members we have. As a savvy business person, Dallas was a genius at teaching me to craft my message so my audience can understand just how amazing our service is.”
    Ajarae Coleman, The Workshop Guru

    Test Drive “Your Other Dream Job” For 30 Days 100% Risk Free.
    I am here to help you build a profitable side business that works for you! So, in accordance with AB1319, you can change your mind about your investment anytime within 10 days of purchase and get a full refund – no questions asked.

    And… I’m going to take that even further by inviting you to fully participate in Your Other Dream Job until 11:59 pm PST on August 6, 2015. If you don’t feel like I have delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

    After the initial 10 day grace period, I require your completed homework from all available modules before I refund your money.

    Why? Because I know that if you do the work outlined in “Your Other Dream Job”, you will absolutely see the benefit + get results. It’s really that simple. If you do the work + don’t get value, then I don’t deserve your money. Period.

    Please send all completed homework via email before 11:59 pm PST on August 6, 2015 to qualify for your refund.

    I’m only here to help the students I’m well suited for. I proudly stand behind the value + integrity of this program as well as my reputation as The Actors’ Advocate.

    Here’s What You’ll Get From Your Other Dream Job In a Nutshell:

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